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Welcome to the Danish P Index

This website provides access to a number of prototype decision-support and planning tools developed by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University. The tools have been developed as an aid to local and regional environmental authorities and agricultural advisors in their mitigation planning under the obligations of the EU Water Framework Directive and the Habitat Directive. The purpose of the tools is primarily to facilitate general access to relevant digital maps for the entire Denmark. Maps showing the risk of P and N loss are intended as guidance only to end users and are not to be used as the basis for regulatory decisions. Read more (DK)...

Unfortunately, due to pending administrative and funding decisions, there is currently no access for the general public to the mapping and planning tools on this website. Facilities denoted by * require login. Visitors are welcome to download documents about the prototypes and mitigation factsheets.

The GIS module of this tool contains different maps of factors regarding P and N loss as well as other relevant information at the field block scale.

The mitigation planning facility establishes user scenarios for selected field blocks or catchments to estimate the effect and costs of different mitigation options for phosphorus loss.